Travel Photography Workshop

+ 6 hour workshop (2x for 3h/day; you can combine different dates)
+ pre-production (search and planning)
+ research, practice in the field and construction of a travel-photographic story
+ processing and storytelling of travel photography

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Travel photography

Our goal will be to bring photography vision to life. Photoshop will help us to overcome technical and circumstantial challenges so that we can offer viewers captured moments as we experienced them.

Workshop is 6 hours long, divided into 2 days of weekend. 

In travel photography, the message Photography is to sight what poetry is to speech is usually a sense of place and time that the viewer of the photograph shares with the photographer. That is why travel photography is probably the most diverse genre, as it combines almost all other genres.

With the techniques of portrait photography we capture the stories of individuals, with street photography the pulse of urban places, with landscape photography breathtaking views...

Expected knowledge to attend:


Basic knowledge of photography, at least the concept of the lighting triangle, is required.  

What you need for this workshop:

Your camera, DSLR or mirrorless is recommended. Instructors' tripod is also available.


Your laptop. Capture1 & Photoshop are recommended.


Instructor equipment is also available.

You will learn about

Proper equipment for travel photography

When you have to carry all your gear around the world on your own back, it becomes very important to take something. There are many great travel photography tricks that make our travels more enjoyable.

Photographing people

We will draw from the genres of street, documentary and portrait photography and answer the dilemma of when it is good to take a photo first and when it is better to ask first. And of course how to pose people who are not models. 

Nature photography 

Ever-changing landscapes and exotic nature are one of my favorite subjects for travel photography. They are also a supporting pillar and deserve a lot of our attention. We'll talk about how to capture breathtaking views, shy animals, etc. 

Finding and building a story

We tell stories with travel photography. This is what defines it and separates it from other genres. If we want to tell an interesting story, we have to prepare for it.

Capturing the whole picture

The most boring perspective is our everyday perspective. If we want to take interesting photos, it pays to go low or go high. To go near or far. And we always turn around after taking photos and check what motive is behind us.

Photographing objects

Architectural photography and still life photography are important to the overall story. Architecture sets the pulse of urban environments and the details of still lifes add color to our stories. Of course, it is also important to capture iconic buildings and monuments. 

Advanced photo processing techniques 

Travel photography is very demanding. Circumstances often work against us and we encounter technical limitations. Fortunately, there's a lot we can do in post-production. We will delve into combining photos, SNR, blending, retouching, ... 

Basic photo processing

All digital photos are processed! We can only decide if we want to leave the processing to someone else's algorithm, or if we want to take our creative vision into our own hands. We will see how easy it is to edit photos ourselves and create something truly wonderful. 


We will try some advanced photography techniques that give us more interesting and "speaking" photos. We will work with filters, lights, long and fast exposures, tracking and play with zoom and focus. 

The workshop also includes


The instructor is internationally recognized photographer and the winner of the Photo Nightscape Award.


You can use and test the instructor's cameras, lenses, filters and more ...

We pack a lot of new information and exciting activities in those days.


All about photography in different setting. How and also the why.


Practice makes perfect and we make sure to have a lot of it.  


Post-production and editing are crucial parts of travel photography. 

Photography is to sight what poetry is to speech. A rich and aesthetic expression of the artist's message.

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