Module I

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Module I

Meeting for Travel Photography Workshop

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On this meeting

we will be exploring the following topics:
Travel Photography Gear

When you have to carry all gear on your back around the World, it becomes very important what you take. We will look into tips and tricks on how to make our travels more enjoyable.


With travel photography, we try to tell stories. This is the defining characteristic that separates it from the other genres. If we want to tell an interesting story, we have to prepare for it.

Full Picture

The most boring perspective is our everyday perspective. For interesting photographs, we have to get low or high, close or far. And when you think you are done, don't forget to also turn around.


We will borrow from the genre of portrait, street and documentary photography and answer the old question: when to shoot first and when to ask first. Also how to pose people who have no modeling experience.


Constantly changing landscapes and exotic nature are some of my favourite photography subjects. They are also structural pillars of travel photography. We will learn how to catch breathtaking views, shy animals, etc.


Architecture and still-life photography are important for the full story. Architecture defines the pulse of urban spaces and still life gives colour to our stories. It is also very important for us to capture the iconic landmarks.

Creative Photography

We will also test some more advanced photography techniques that give us more "telling" images. We will work with filters, lights, long and short exposures, etc.

What you need

to attend this workshop meeting:
Classroom topics

It is not strictly necessary, but I do highly recommend you prepare for this lecture by working through Module I topics in the Travel Photography Workshop Classroom.


We will be working with cameras, so you need one for this workshop. Phone will not be enough. The Camera can be a DSLR or mirrorless, but it is recommended for it to have a hot shoe. If you don't have it, you can also rent it for the duration of the lecture from the instructor. Just let us know beforehand.


We will be using long exposure so a sturdy mounting option is a must. If you have a tripod or a clamp, bring it with you. If you are missing something you can also rent it for the duration of the lecture from the instructor. Just let us know beforehand.


We will be working during the day, into the evening and walking a lot. Dress appropriately and bring with you something to drink and/or eat. Don't forget medication if you are using any and potentially sunscreen, insect repellent etc. Not mandatory, but if you do have it, bring with you a tripod, light mounts, ND filters, clamps, gels, etc. All your light/photography gear you would like to learn how to use. If you are missing something and the need arises, you can also rent it for the duration of the lecture from the instructor. Just let us know beforehand.

Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Saturday, June 15, 2024
5:00 PM 9:00 PM (Europe/Ljubljana)

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