CaptureOne Pro Photography Post Production Workshop

Fun and comprehensive introduction to photography post-production.

+ 6 hours of in-person lectures and first-hand practice
+ RAW files included
+ lifetime access to the eLearning platform and future updates
+ lifetime access to private support and discussion forum
+ dozens of goodies: styles, workspace, workflow and other assets

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CaptureOne Pro

Quality, speed and simplicity were characteristics I was looking for in my DAM (Digital Assets Manager). In that order.

Post-production and photo editing used to be a dreadful part of photography for me. Then I found CaptureOne Pro and it was like a ray of light in the darkness. In this workshop, I will show you why I never looked back and what makes CaptureOne Pro, in my opinion, the best photo editing software and an excellent DAM.

Expected knowledge to attend: Beginner to Beginner-Intermediate

You don't need any special preexisting CaptureOne knowledge to attend this workshop. It also doesn't hurt if you are already somewhat familiar with the software. We will start with strong foundations, build from there and by the end of the workshop you will be well versed in the CaptureOne software.

Topics & Activities

Every photograph is edited! We can only decide to do it on our own or trust someone else.

In this fun and comprehensive introduction to photography post-production, we will do a deep dive into all the essentials of sorting, working with and editing our photographs.


There is NO digital photo that wouldn't be edited! We can only decide to either let some general algorithm do it or do it ourselves. It is also nothing new and we still use the same principles as they already existed in analogue times.


We start our CaptureOne photo editing journey with optics. Photography lenses and cameras themselves are far from perfect. But CaptureOne went to great lengths to help us deal with those technical challenges and elevate quality.


Balancing sharpening, detail, bokeh and noise is a delicate dance. It is not uncommon to see way overdone photographs, and it is a tell-tale sign they weren't edited in CaptureOne Pro.

Post-Processing Principles

Every bit of data lost is lost forever. That is why we try to bring and keep as much data as possible in editing. We will talk about file formats, colour spaces, compatibilities and exports.


CaptureOne offers dozens of refined and powerful tools to deal with the exposure challenges we photographers face. It is really remarkable how much seemingly lost information can we recover and how true to our eye the end result is.


This is where the real party begins! Edit different parts of images differently, to really bring their potential out. Selecting, masking and fine-tuning is a breeze I haven't experienced with any other photo editing software.


CaptureOne Pro is already fast, but we can make our post-production work go even faster! Instructor will share with you his personal workspace that he created over half of a million photos and 10+ years of editing experience.


How it works with colour, is perhaps THE strongest argument for CaptureOne Pro. It is also what finally convinced me. Tools are unmatched by their capabilities and at the same time produce beautifully natural results.

Retouch, HDR, Panorama, Live and Export

CaptureOne Pro is all and more than 99% of photographers will ever need. Especially with the latest developments adding functionalities for which we used to need specialised software. We will go through all the use cases.

What You Get

with this photography workshop:

Deep Understanding

You will learn all you need to know to take control of your photographs and process them to bring out their potential. The workshop is fun, intensive and run in a small group.

Live Lectures Included 

Included in this photography workshop are 2 in-person lectures in a spacious lecture hall with electric and internet connections.

Best of Both Worlds

Keep your own pace. Go through photography lectures on your own time and then join a live session for a review.

Lifetime Access

Access to an online photography classroom and you get all updates to the workshop for your lifetime.

Editing Assets

RAW digital files needed for the workshop are provided by the instructor and you also receive a lot of assets that will make your future edits faster.

Photography Community

Access to a private forum of like-minded photography enthusiasts. Bounce your ideas, ask for help and make new friends.

What You Need

for the CaptureOne workshop:

Interest in photo editing

No prior knowledge is necessary! We will start our journey from the very first shaky steps and bring you far into the photography wonderland.

Laptop & Software

We will need a laptop with the latest working version of CaptureOne Pro. You can use a free trial license, no need to purchase it.


Currently Announced Meetings for CaptureOne Pro Workshop

By purchasing this workshop you get 2 in-person meetings included. Combine and choose any dates that suit you.

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