Photoshop For Photographers Workshop

Fun and photography-oriented introduction to Photoshop.

+ 6 hours of in-person lectures and first-hand practice
+ RAW files included
+ lifetime access to the eLearning platform and future updates
+ lifetime access to private support and discussion forum
+ dozens of goodies: actions, scripts, brushes and other assets

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Photo post-processing and editing are an integral part of photography. It is nowadays and it was just as much in the past. In analogue times we had dark rooms and now we have digital darkrooms.

The industry standard for photo editing and retouching is Adobe Photoshop. Sure, there is software that can do things faster, or some specific subset better. But there is no other software that could do - well, literary anything.

But with great power, also comes great responsibility. At this workshop, we will be using Photoshop primarily as photographers, and perhaps only dab a little into the world of digital conceptual art.

Our goal will be to bring photography vision to life. Photoshop will help us to overcome technical and circumstantial challenges so that we can offer viewers captured moments as we experience them.

You don't need any special preexisting Photoshop knowledge to attend this workshop. It also doesn't hurt if you are already somewhat familiar with the software. We will start with strong foundations, build from there and by the end of the workshop you will be well versed in the software.

Topics & Activities

Every photograph is edited! We can only decide to do it on our own or trust someone else.

In this fun and comprehensive introduction to Photoshop, we will do a deep dive into all the essentials of working with and editing our photographs.


There is NO digital photo that wouldn't be edited! We can only decide to either let some general algorithm do it or do it ourselves. It is also nothing new and we still use the same principles as they already existed in analogue times.

Adobe Camera Raw

Photoshop, Camera Raw and Bridge are the legendary trinity of photography. We already introduced Bridge in workflow, but no Photoshop workshop wouldn't be complete without a deep dive into Camera Raw.


The natural next step after the introduction of non-destructive editing is layers. Layers are the bread and butter of Photoshop work. There are many different kinds of layers, suitable for different aspects of editing.

Post-Processing Principles

Every bit of data lost is lost forever. That is why we try to bring and keep as much data as possible in editing. We will talk about file formats, colour spaces, compatibilities and exports.

Photographer's Workspace

The incredible versatility of Photoshop can also be daunting for beginners. We can greatly speed up and simplify our photo editing if we narrow the workspace to toolsets applicable to photographers.

Blending and Masking

Blending and masking bring our vision together. Suddenly our file is not just a bunch of layers and different images and edits. It comes together into one final breathtaking piece of art.


There are numerous ways to do things the right way in Photoshop. I will share a couple of approaches so that you can apply the one most suiting for your situation and photography post-processing setup.

(None) Destructive Editing

Art is subjective and ideas grow and change over time. So our edits should accommodate that, right? Not (yet) everything can be done non-destructive in Photoshop, but with the right approach, we can be pretty close.


Retouching, cloning and healing. Lately, also neural networks and AI filters and tools are making a big splash. The future of photography and Photoshop is surely very interesting and will be a lot of fun.

What You Get

with Photoshop for photographers workshop:

Deep Understanding

You will learn all you need to know to take control of your photographs and process them to bring out their potential. The workshop is fun, intensive and run in a small group.

Live Lectures Included 

Included in this photography workshop are 2 in-person lectures in a spacious lecture hall with electric and internet connections.

Best of Both Worlds

Keep your own pace. Go through photography lectures on your own time and then join a live session for a review.

Lifetime Access

Access to an online photography classroom and you get all updates to the workshop for your lifetime.

Editing Assets

RAW digital files needed for the workshop are provided by the instructor and you also receive a lot of assets that will make your future edits faster.

Photography Community

Access to a private forum of like-minded photography enthusiasts. Bounce your ideas, ask for help and make new friends.

What You Need

for this photo editing workshop:

Interest in photo editing

No prior knowledge is necessary! We will start our journey from the very first shaky steps and bring you far into the photography wonderland.

Laptop & Software

We will need a laptop with the latest working version of Photoshop. You can use a free trial license, no need to purchase it.


Currently Announced Meetings for Photoshop Workshop

By purchasing this workshop you get 2 in-person meetings included. Combine and choose any dates that suit you.

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