Module I

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Module I

Photography 101 lecture

Register for the first live lecture of the Photography 101 course. If you purchased the full course, you have 4 lectures included and you can combine dates however it fits your schedule. Go as fast as you want or take as much time as you need.

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On this lecture

we will be exploring the following topics:

Tips and tricks on how to get all you need for your creativity. Photography is not necessarily an expensive hobby.


If we want our cameras to stick by our side for years to come, we need to show them some care and love. We will learn how to properly handle our gear, how to protect it from damage and elements and how to clean, recharge and refresh.

Camera settings and menus

We dive into our device's menus and set up all important settings. Cameras and phones. We take a look at image formats and quality settings, color spaces and preferably switch to RAW. For phones, we discuss modern file formats, enable support for the highest possible quality and install some helpful apps.

Exposure time

We focus on the practicalities of exposure time and what it means for our photography. Without going too deep into technicality, just enough to understand this crucial part of the exposure triangle.


Fundamentals of ISO and all the pros and cons choosing different settings bring. We also simplify our photography by setting up a usable automatic system.


The last corner of the exposure triangle is where we can get very creative. We will look at examples and explore general guidelines that you can quickly apply in practice.

What you need

to attend this in-person photography class:
Classroom topics

It is not strictly necessary, but I do highly recommend you prepare for this lecture by working through Module I topics in the Photography 101 classroom.

Photography device

We will be working with phones and cameras. One, the other or both, so bring whatever you use for your photography. You don't need anything fancy. But you do need something capable of taking a photograph to take part in the practical aspect of this lecture.

Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
5:00 PM 8:00 PM (Europe/Ljubljana)

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Ljubljana - Jarše

Kavčičeva ulica 72
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