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Coupon Codes

If you have purchased the whole course, you should get 4 promo codes in the confirmation email. You can use them to attend 4 lectures which are already included in this course.


I recommend you to go through all available content for the module before attending the lecture. In that way, you can prepare and we can use our time to deepen our knowledge and answer questions.

Lecture Dates

There is always a multitude of lecture dates announced for each module. That means you are in no hurry. When you are ready, check available dates and choose the one that fits your schedule.

Attend Lecture

When registering for the lecture, you can choose to attend it in person in the classroom or through live streaming. Please register as far in advance as possible. Attendance is limited.

Coupon Codes

Email Confirmation

After purchasing the course, you should be getting a couple of emails. One of those emails, are coupon codes for free attendance to included lectures. If you have purchased a full course, you have 4 lectures already included in the price. That is one lecture for each Module of the course, but you can also attend same lecture multiple times and then purchase additional lectures if needed.

If by any chance, you didn't get your codes, please let me know! They should look something like this:

Using Promo Codes

You can use your coupon codes during a checkout. First, choose date of the lecture (see next steps), then click on Register button and choose Tickets. Usually there is an option of in-person and remote live stream attendance. Your code is valid for either so it is only your preference which one you wish. After selecting your ticket, go through regular purchase funnel and in the last step, when choosing payment option and before confirming the order, you can click on "I have a promo code" and enter your coupon. After that your price for attendance should drop to 0.

See gallery below, for visual guide and let me know if you have any issues with the system:

Lecture Dates

Learn In Your Own Tempo

There are usually a multiple dates available for each Module's lecture. So you can go in your own pace and consider your own schedule. You can breeze through this course and attend lecture in consequetive order (usually on a weekly basis) or attend a lecture or two and then take some more time before continuing with your studies. It is totally up to you and there are no time constraints.

How to find the correct lecture?

It is best if you search for the correct lecture in the dedicated section of this web page. You can find it in the Main Menu (at the top of every page) by hovering "When" and then clicking on "Courses". That will already filter down all events to just Courses. You can also drill down some more and filter directly by course level and modules.

But if you wish, you can also reference the overview list below or writ to me with your questions and I will gladly recommend/help you find the best slot.

List of all currently scheduled events:

Upcoming Events
How to schedule lectures and attend lectures for this course.
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