Nightscape Workshop

+ 6 hours (2x for 3h/day; you can combine different dates)
+ field practice with nightscape equipment
+ post-production of photographs
+ workshop with an international NightScape Photographer Of The Year Winner

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120,00 €

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Night scape

It is not about the quantity, it's all about the quality! That goes for the light as well for the learning. And on this workshop, we will learn A LOT about taking photographs when there is VERY LITTLE light available.  

The workshop spans 6 hours. It is intense AND fun.

We start in the late afternoon and go through gear checks and some basics. We talk about how to scout and choose our nightscape motives. We also practice some advanced previsualization techniques and put planning tools/apps to good use. 

We find a suitable location and prepare for the wide-field nightscape photography. After a blue hour, while we wait for the astronomical darkness, we get creative with light painting and drawing and when the right time comes, we capture awe-inspiring photos of the Milky Way Core rising above our chosen motive.

The last third of the workshop is dedicated to nightscape photography post-processing. Low-light photography depends greatly on specialised and advanced photo editing. We will see how blending, statistical scripts, SNR expansion, stretching, ... transform our sub-exposures into the remarkable final photograph.

You will learn

The plan is Half of a Success

Deep dive into main tools for planning nightscape motives. From general location scouting, weather prognosis, special stellar events and conjunctions to full-blown simulations and pre-visualizing the motive.

Principles of Low Light Photography

Usual photography approaches just don't cut it when confronted with low light conditions. We shine the light on "subs", "lights", "darks", "bias", "flats" and other components used to make the final breathtaking image. 

Sky Tracking

When there is little light, we need a lot of time to collect it (AKA long exposure). But what do you do, when rotating Earth wants to make everything blurry? Sky trackers come to the rescue.  

Night Sky Objects 

Depending on the conditions, we choose appropriate targets for our astrophotography. From Moon to planets and nebulae. What is sure is, that you will never look at the night sky the same.  

Postproduction of Low Light Photographs

Photography is very challenging when there is very little light. And we hit many technical limitations. Luckily we can solve many in post-production. We talk about essential development, stacking, subtracting, SNR...  

Principles of Nightscape Photography

The landscape part of motive and sky part of the motive often have very different demands. We learn when to capture each, how to augment with LLL, light painting and drawing, rules for sharp stars (500, CoC, NPF), meteors, … 

The workshop also includes


The instructor is the winner of the Photo Nightscape Award.


You can use and test the instructor's cameras, lenses, filters and more ...

We pack a lot of new information and exciting activities in those days.


All about photography in low light conditions. How and also the why.


Practice makes perfect and we make sure to have a lot of it.  


Post-production and editing are crucial parts of digital photography. 

Light is not everything in photography. Not understanding it is!

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