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CaptureOne Pro Photography Post Production Workshop

+ 6 hours
+ RAW files
+ styles, workspace, workflow and other assets

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    Quality · Speed · Simplicity

    Those were characteristics I was looking for in my DAM (Digital Assets Manager). In that order.

    Post-production and photo editing used to be a dreadful part of photography for me. Then I found CaptureOne Pro and it was like a ray of light in the darkness. In this workshop, I will show you why I never looked back and what makes CaptureOne Pro, in my opinion, the best photo editing software and an excellent DAM.

    What you need for this workshop:

    Be sure it can run CaptureOne Pro.
    CaptureOne Pro
    There is a free trial version available.
    Expected knowledge to attend: Beginner to Beginner-Intermediate
    You don't need any special preexisting CaptureOne knowledge to attend this workshop. It also doesn't hurt if you are already somewhat familiar with the software. We will start with strong foundations, build from there and by the end of the workshop you should be well prepared.
    Spacious lecture hall

    With all necessary electric and internet connections.


    You also get lifetime access to all the material from workshop.

    RAW files

    Digital files needed for the workshop are provided by instructor. 

    Editing Assets

    You receive a lot of assets that will make your future edits faster.


    Learning and support don't stop with the workshop.

    Intensive Fun

    The workshop is intensive and a lot of fun, run in small groups.

    Lectures and Activities


    There is NO digital photo that wouldn't be edited! We can only decide to either let some general algorithm do it or do it ourselves. It is also nothing new and we still use the same principles as they already existed in analogue times.

    Post-Processing Principles

    Every bit of data lost is lost forever. That is why we try to bring and keep as much data as possible in editing. We will talk about file formats, colour spaces, compatibilities and exports.


    CaptureOne Pro is already fast, but we can make our post-production work go even faster! I will share with you my personal workspace that I created over half of million photos taken and 10+ years of editing experience.


    We start our CaptureOne photo editing journey with optics. Photography lenses and cameras themselves are far from perfect. But CaptureOne went to great lengths to help us deal with those technical challenges and elevate quality.


    CaptureOne offers dozens of refined and powerful tools to deal with exposure challenges we photographers face. It is really remarkable how much seemingly lost information can we recover and how true to our eye the end result is.


    How it works with colour, is perhaps THE strongest argument for CaptureOne Pro. It is also what finally convinced me. Tools are unmatched by their capabilities and at the same time produce beautifully natural results.


    Balancing sharpening, detail, bokeh and noise is a delicate dance. It is not uncommon to see way overdone photographs, and it is a tell-tale sign they weren't edited in CaptureOne Pro. 


    This is where the real party begins! Edit different parts of images in a different way, to really bring their potential out. Selecting, masking and fine-tuning is a breeze I haven't experienced with any other photo editing software.

    Retouch, HDR, Panorama, Live and Export

    CaptureOne Pro is all and more than 99% of photographers will ever need. Especially with the latest developments adding functionalities for which we used to need specialised software. We will go through all use cases.

    See What Others Say

    Nothing makes me happier than sharing the light of knowledge with others.

    "I want to thank you for everything you have taught me. Photography course was great and I think I learned a lot. Thanks for everything and I hope to see you in April on advanced photography course."
    Maks Š.
    Maks Š.
    Photography Course 101 & 201
    "Great courses. Nejc explains everything from the basics of photography to more advanced techniques, so the lectures are interesting for photographers with different ranges of knowledge. I attended an introductory and advanced course. In both cases, the theory was combined with field practice and post-production, so that everyone could improve their abilities. We also had room for additional experimentation and questioning. Nejc looks like he enjoys what he does, which is always an added value for teachers. I recommend!"
    Kristina C.
    Kristina C.
    Photography Course 101 & 201
    "Excellent photography courses! 💯👏🏼 suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced photographers ... Nejc perfectly combined theory with practice, which brought us a lot of new knowledge and skills 📸"
    Maks Š.
    Maks Š. 
    Photography Course 101 & 201
    Instructor for widefieldNejc Draganjec

    Nejc Draganjec

    Photo NightScape Awards Winner 

    Winner of PNA 2019 and published in numerous international publications, for example Compétence Photo, Fisheye magazine, Profession Photographe, Avantura, Svet&Ljudje ...

    Teaching what I have learned through 14+ years as a photographer is my passion.

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