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Wall Calendar 2021 (corporate gift)

+ size: 315 x 470 mm landscape
+ 14 pages (cover, 12 months and strong back)
+ spiral binding with hanging hook
+ quality print on 170g paper

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    Wall Calendar 2021

    For Corporate Gifts

    Corporate gifts have a big influence on your relationships with business partners and thus your success in 2021 depends on them!

    The corporate gift must give an excellent first impression to serve its purpose. Our business partners must feel appreciated and that can only happen if we put some thought into our gifts, they strengthen our brand, follow current trends and it is appropriate for the gifted person. In that way, our gift will not be bothersome, but rather invoke pleasant associations with a wish for more close relations. In a modern competitive world, that means we have to distance ourselves from cheap and generic kitch like mousepads, pens with logotypes... and move towards something more unique.

    Big horizontal wall calendar 2021 is the perfect corporate gift. The calendar will valuable every day of 2021 and will not lay forgotten in the drawer of the office table. With the addition of your logo and company data on the extended back, you will be in the eyes and hearts of your business partners the whole year 2021.

    Calendar 2021 with world travel motives will enthral everyone and brighten even the drabbest walls and office days. In the year, when exploring new places became almost impossible, we only have photos left to give us wonder and awaken beautiful memories. Most beautiful impressions captured all over the world and collected into one corporate gift will give daily motivation to your business partner and associate a lot of pleasant memories with you.

    Design That Serves a Purpose

    thoughtful • functional • pleasant

    Every element on the calendar is carefully thought through and designed so that it serves two functions:

    • enthral to ensure that your corporate gift will catch every eye in the room and

    • usability to ensure the calendar stays on the wall whole 2021.

    Not everyone can speak the mysterious language of design. Since we can't afford anything less than a stellar impression when it comes to corporate gifts, I entrusted the design to expert with a degree and many years of experience in design and marketing.

    The result is sophisticated, unique and well-thought trough gift. The calendar which will decorate walls of your business partners whole 2021 and will promote your good name even beyond office walls.

    Unikatne prednosti koledarja 2021 za poslovna darila.

    Some of many designed elements marked on example:

    1. Internationally recognized and awarded photos - even from prestigious organizations like FIAP and National Geographic - make sure that gift is really unique and give it added value.

    2. Photographs are chosen deliberately so that they give the mood of the month they represent at the first glance.

    3. Clearly visible additional information like work-free days, week numbers, moon phases and so on. All calendar information in one place.

    4. Three places for additional information and your logo.

    5. Additional information printed on an extension of back ensure that your data is visible throughout the year.

    6. Large font makes it easy to read the calendar even from across the room. 

    7. Are you interested where was the photo that caught your eye made? Perhaps the name of the motive? Both are in the bottom right corner.

    8. Paper and print of the calendar are above standard and assure really stunning photos.

    9. Quality spiral binding and hook hanger for an easy mount of the calendar.

    Special requests for the calendar 2021 as a corporate gift?

    You wish to order multiple series with different text on the extended back? Let me know about your needs and ideas and I'm sure we will sort it out.

    Poslovno leto začnemo na koledarju za poslovna darila visoko. Z andskim kondorjem.

    January 2021

    The first month of the year, in which we all hope to climb to new heights. It is represented by this magnificent young Andean condor taking his first flight at 5.000 metres above sea level.

    Poslovno pomlad nam bo na koledarju 2021 klical kurent.

    February 2021

    Regions all over the world have their traditions of scaring away the Winter and welcoming the Spring. In Slovenia we have our version called Kurentovanje and it is a must see.

    Cvetoča velika planina krasi na koledarju za poslovna darila mesec marec.

    March 2021

    Spring! Time of the year when you can enjoy beautiful flowering meadows and still snowy mountains in the backdrop. Perfect time to make a weekend adventure and explore nature.

    Aprila nas bo na koledarju 2021 razvajal pogled na dramatično Islandijo.

    April 2021

    April weather is never boring. But as the old saying goes, there is no bad weather, only poorly prepared wonderers. The ones that dare to go out, might be rewarded with sights like this.

    Maja si s koledarjem za poslovna darila ogledamo skrivnostni Machu Picchu.

    May 2021

    May is one of my favourite months so it's only fitting that it is represented with a photograph of one of my favourite places - Machu Picchu. Who is ready for the upcoming travel season?

    Junija je čas, da si oči spočijemo s fotografijo karibske plaže, ki bo ta mesec krasila koledar za poslovna darila.

    June 2021

    June rewards us with more sunny days and for at least last few years also with summer temperatures. Who would want to escape to a private pink Caribbean beach with a turquoise sea?

    Julija se prične poslovno zatišje in najbolj pridne bo koledar 2021 nagradil s podvodno fotografijo iz Bahamov.

    July 2021

    Time for new experiences in the mountains or at the sea. Those of us, who prefer to save vacations for other months will surely be comforted by this underwater photo from the Bahamas.

    Avgustovski kralj savane za najbolj zagrižene poslovneže, ki bodo za darilo prejeli koledar 2021.

    August 2021

    Hot and sunny. Just the way the king of the Savannah from the calendar photo prefers it. Perhaps offices and cities will be empty and lonely, but isn't that the time we are the most productive?

    Mesec september 2021 na koledarju za poslovna darila predstavlja fotografija zaliva na Velikonočnem otoku.

    September 2021

    If not before September is definitely the month to return to home ports. On calendar 2021 it is represented by one of the most remote and mysterious places in the world Easter island.

    Pisani oktober bo pisani tudi na koledarju 2021. S fotografijo gradu Himeji na Japonskem.

    October 2021

    Meadows and clearings bloom in spring and entire forests in autumn. Throughout the month of October, we can admire the most beautiful castle in Japan - Himeji, white heron.

    Skrivnostni november bo olepšal koledar 2021 s fotografijo Islandije.

    November 2021

    Gloomy and dreary or mysterious and dreamy? With the 2021 calendar, November will probably be the second- at least in the room where the photograph from Iceland will adorn its wall.

    Iskrivi december na koeldarju 2021 krona kompozit iz Benetk.

    December 2021

    In the month of long nights and bright lights, composite from Venice is especially relevant. Unfortunately, we exchanged the pristine dark night sky for street lighting and lost it forever.

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