Explore the World, pixel by pixel.

50% of the time photographer, 50% traveller, and 50% scientist. Yes, I know it adds up to more than 100 %, but often my interests overlap and those projects are the best.

Travels put us out of the comfort zone of everyday routines and comforts. And that is a good thing!

In a routine, we tend to forget what we are and what we want to become. Habits tend to prevent wonder and reflection and we just might forget the core values of life. In that way, travels are a time of new experiences that lead us on an exploration of not only an external but also our internal world.

I'm also a biologist by education and molecular biologist by specialization. So nature and curiosity are close to my heart and when I travel, that shows. Have you ever travelled with a photographer and be annoyed by often stops to take shots? Try this with a biologist abroad, fascinated by every second critter and vine :).

Photography is to seeing what poetry is to writing. It's rich and esthetic way of expressing artist's vision.

In travel photography, this essence is usually the pulse of new places and people. Travel photography is perhaps the most diverse photography genre since it contains almost all other types of photography. With technics of portrait photography, we try to catch the stories of individuals, with street photography the feel of urban places, food photography brings exotic smells and tastes to the viewers and landscape photography breathtaking views.

In my more than 10 years long career as a photographer, I have done a wide variety of photography projects. Everything from commercial, product, motorsport reportage, editorial, fashion...

I specialize in the photography/videography genre:

Travel, Adventure & Promotional
From wild to urban places all around the globe.
Night, Astro & Low Light
Even won the nightscape photographer of the year 2019.
Nature, Landscape & Wildlife
A biologist in me is constantly drawn to it.
Aerial (UAV / Drone)
Registered pilot. Put a fresh perspective on your project.
Lifestyle, Event & Wedding
Capture the best you and your happiest moments forever.
Product, Commercial & Corporate
In the modern business world, visual content is the king!
Nejc Draganjec - travel photographer in action on Naxos, Greece
Nejc Draganjec

travel photographer and videographer

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In a good company all over the world

Some of my ongoing and past affiliations and brands I have been lucky to work with.

Capture One Affiliate
Litra adventure lights affiliate
Ljubljanski grad
Visit Kranj - Turistična zveza Slovenije
Mestna Knjižnica Ljubljana - MOL
Shappa - potovalna agencija
Klub Študentov Kranj - KŠK
Wanderous Affair Magazine
Skylum photography software
Hostel Celica
Svet in ljudje - popotna revija