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Photography 201 Course

Program for intermediate photography class will show you that putting the subject on sides is not the only and definitely not the best way to compose a likeable and balanced photograph.

Have you heard of rule-of-thirds? SURE! Golden ratio, spiral, S composition, diagonals... you surely know them all. Those are the BIG 5 rules of composition everyone is talking about.

Here is a revelation. Although important stepping stones, they are not and should not be your final goal. On their own, they do not produce balanced and visually pleasing compositions. So we upgrade the BIG 5 with the IMPORTANT 5 that (almost) no one is talking about.

We also look into the different photography genres and rules/composition recommendations. How to pose individuals, couples and groups? All were checked in module three of the intermediate photography class.

The composition is FREE. Use it!

What you need/is recommended to attend Module III of the Photography 201 course:

Photography Device
Exchange lens system recommended (DSLR or mirrorless).
Topics from Module II
You should already be familiar with topics from Module II.
Computer + Mic or Mobile Phone
Only if you choose to attend this lecture remotely. Otherwise, it is optional.
Photography 201 Course (optional)
You can attend just this module, but I recommend you to take the full course.

Photography Topics We Cover In Third Course Module:

The Big 5 Rules Of Composition

We will start with oldies - goldies. I'm sure we have all heard about the rule of thirds, golden ratio, S, diagonals... But there is more hidden behind those approaches than what is usually discussed.

The Important 5 Rules Of Composition

Beyond the usual composition rules, we will talk about the ones that actually make or break the photo. And more importantly how to combine all approaches to make something really remarkable.

Photography Paradigmes

First, we have to learn the rules, to later know how to break them. There are quite a lot of photography paradigms, from posing to composing and we will go through multiple genres to find some wiggle room.

Practice makes perfect

Practical exercises are an important part of each module in photography course 201. All theoretical concepts we immediately put into practice for each module.

In-person lecture

Each module of photography course 201 has individual time with a lecturer included. You can choose either in-person or live internet meetings.

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