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Photography 101 Course

Module I - Online Live Lecture

First, we find a common photography knowledge ground and lay down a good photography foundation.

We start with some basic guidelines on how to buy and work with photography equipment. You get recommendations for software and apps if you use mobile phones.

We lay the groundwork on which all photography is built - exposure triangle - and learn everything that there is to know about aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

Introduction To Photography
Structure of Photography courses.
Photography Gear
Tips and tricks of what you really need. 
Exposure Triangle
ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
Camera Modes
Semi-automatic and Manual mode.
Photography 101 Online Live Lecture

Photography Topics We Cover In First Course Module:

Introduction to Photography

Foundation and expectations.

  •  Photography experiences
  •  Personal goals and expectations
  •  Structure of photography courses
  •  Photography 101 curriculum
Photography Gear

Tips and trick for buying photography gear.

  •  mobile devices for photography
  •  compact cameras for photography
  • lens exchange systems
  • additional photography related gear
Exposure Triangle

Basis of all photography.

  • exposure time (rules for focal, …)
  • ISO and its effects (grain, dynamic range, sharpness, …)
  • aperture and its effects (depth of field, diffraction, vignette, …)
Camera Modes

P does NOT stand for a Professional!

  • aperture priority program
  • shutter speed priority program
  • manual exposure program
  •  examples and practice