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Photography 101 Course

In the last module of the photography course for beginners, we finish with a core component of photography - post-production.

We disperse potential prejudices, and find out there is (almost) nothing new in digital postproduction in comparison to "the old times". It just got MUCH EASIER and wildly available.

We go through good practices for post-production and get familiar with the editing program of choice. My recommendation is Capture One, but you can use anything you wish.

What you need/is recommended to attend Module I of Photography 101 course:

Post-processing software
You can choose any, but I recommend Capture One.
Finished Module III
You should have already completed a photography assignment.
Computer + Mic or Mobile Phone
Only if you choose to attend this lecture remotely. Otherwise, it is optional.
Photography 101 Course (optional)
You can attend just this module, but I recommend you to take the full course.

Photography Topics We Cover In Fourth Course Module:

Good Old Times

Post-processing has been an integral part of photography from its inception. Nothing new in the digital age! Well, almost. We explore the roots so that we can harvest the benefits of modern tools.

Digital Darkroom

No matter what you use for your photography post-production, core principles are the same. We will see the differences between compressed formats and RAW, colour spaces and how to tell when our editing has gone too far.

Photo Editing Software

You can use any you want but this Course recommended is Capture One. We get familiar with DAM principles, interface and basic workflow of software attendees use (Capture One, Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, On1 …) 

Basic Corrections

I share with you my workflow that has been polished in more than a decade long career and hundreds of thousands of photos. From geometrical, lens, profile, composition, exposure, contrast, colour, ... corrections.

Simple Retouching & Composites

We get familiar with many different tools for removing unwanted and distracting elements on our photos. How to make natural-looking HDR and panoramas and some basic retouching methods for our models (and ourselves :)! 

Export With Purpose

Different file formats, colour spaces and DPI are meant for different mediums and purposes. We finish our course with a final product ready to be published on social media, put in a family album archive or print at a professional lab.

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