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Photography 101 Course

Program for photography course for beginners takes you a full circle. From the first theoretical concepts, getting familiar with photography technics and genre to practical exercises and finally, after post-processing, you will have a finished product ready to be published or printed.

In the second module, we build upon knowledge from the first module.

We upgrade our knowledge of the exposure triangle with ways to evaluate correct exposure and to influence camera choices in semi-automatic modes. We also add to our photography arsenal other settings that greatly affect final photographs.

We take a dive into the world of focusing. We also practice different scenarios and ways to achieve sharp images and for really brave ones - take a look at how to check if our camera autofocus needs some adjustments.

Finally, we take a small step into the world of photography composition - a giant leap in the quality and satisfaction your photographs will give you.

What you need/is recommended to attend Module II of Photography 101 course:

Photography Device
Can be a mobile phone camera, DSLR, mirrorless, analogue or anything else.
Topics from Module I
You should already be familiar with topics from Module I.
Computer + Mic or Mobile Phone
Only if you choose to attend this lecture remotely. Otherwise, it is optional.
Photography 101 Course (optional)
You can attend just this module, but I recommend you to take the full course.

Photography Topics We Cover In Second Course Module:

Fine Tune The Exposure & White Balance

We will look into how to influence your camera exposure in semi-automatic programs and explore other automatic exposure programs. We discuss different situations and how to deal with them with exposure compensation and finally learn in what circumstances white balance (temperature and tint) settings even matter.

Stay Focused

There are many ways to achieve focus and some are more suited for specific situations/workflows. We explore them all (AF-S, AF-C, AI and other hybrid/smart modes) and try my recommended method of "back button focus". Finally, we finish with some tips and tricks to achieve sharp images in challenging conditions and with manual focus.

Composition Is Free

One of the most important things in photography comes at no cost. So let's use it! We introduce the visual design of a photo and explore basic geometrical compositions. Surprise, they are often misused but when applied correctly, simple principles can give you amazing results! We also look at and analyze examples.

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