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Photography 101 Course

Program for photography course for beginners takes you a full circle. From the first theoretical concepts, getting familiar with photography technics and genre to practical exercises and finally, after post-processing, you will have a finished product ready to be published or printed.

First, we find a common photography knowledge ground and lay down a good photography foundation.

We start with some basic guidelines on how to buy and work with photography equipment. You get recommendations for software and apps if you use mobile phones.

We lay the groundwork on which all photography is built - exposure triangle - and learn everything that there is to know about aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

What you need/is recommended to attend Module I of Photography 101 course:

Photography Device
Can be a mobile phone camera, DSLR, mirrorless, analogue or anything else.
NO prior knowledge
You need no prior knowledge. We start at the base and build from there.
Computer + Mic or Mobile Phone
Only if you choose to attend this lecture remotely. Otherwise, it is optional.
Photography 101 Course (optional)
You can attend just this module, but I recommend you to take the full course.

Photography Topics We Cover In First Course Module:

Buying Photography Gear

Tips and tricks on how to get what you need to make your vision happen. Photography does NOT need to be an expensive hobby. No matter what others, who didn't attend this photography class, tell you.

Tools of Modern Photography Trade

Everything about photography gear. Practicalities and limitations of mobile devices, compact cameras and lens exchange systems (mirrorless and DSLR) for photography. Also how to carry it around, tripods, filters and software.

Love And Care

If you want your camera to follow you everywhere, you will need to show it some love and care. We will learn how to change and protect lenses, clean sensors, charge batteries and keep our memory cards in tip-top shape.

Buttons hopping

It is about time we do a deep dive in the menu and go on buttons hopping adventure. Modern cameras have a lot of functions. A LOT! We will go through all of them - or at least the one that matter for your photos.

Exposure Triangle

No time to waste. Let's go to, you know, just THE BASIS of all photography! We will learn all about exposure time, ISO and aperture. How to combine them and what are their effects on the final photograph.

Camera Modes

We will look at the two most common semi-automatic camera modes (aperture priority program and shutter speed priority program) and test our knowledge of the exposure triangle with the manual exposure program.

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