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Japan Is a Travel Photographer's

dream destination with never-ending opportunities to take a photo.

Japan is a unique fusion of wild nature and urban spaces, futurism and tradition, escapade and leisure. Nowhere else in the World is such variety so easily accessible to travelers and photographers.

On photography focused travelogue we talk about all that and more. Practical advice on how to travel with all your equipment, local regulations, tips and trick to get THAT one shot you will be constantly asked about, how to save money and when/where/what of travel photography in Japan.

What is more Japanese than a capsule hotel? Perhaps ultra-futuristic capsule hotel.
Geisha, wooden tea houses, pagodas, millennia-old temples. All that and more is in Kyoto.
Double diamond Fuji is a moment in time when everything perfectly aligns. But just for a second.
Tokyo is the biggest metropolitan area in the World and the only city I love to get lost in.
Hirosaki in full cherry bloom is the most beautiful place I have ever visited.
First, there is a rumble in the ground and in the next moment, the whole sky above volcano Sakurajima is on fire!
Map of travel photography adventure in Japan.
6 flights

From international to internal flight to Okinawa.

6 car rentals

Renting and driving in Japan is a unique experience.

10 ferry rides

Ferries connect big and small islands of Japan. Some for free.

24 days

I packed months of exploring in those days visiting Japan.

30+ train rides

With super fast Shinkansens and local train lines.

100+ sights

From well known to virtually undiscovered but must-see places.

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