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Best Of Easter Island, Bolivia And Chile 

A travel photography synopsis of must-see landmarks and photography motives.

Easter Island, Bolivia and Chile are among the best that South America can offer to travel photographer. Breathtaking views, mysterious and in some parts even lost history, pristine nature and genuine people. Just to name a few! 

On photography focused travelogue we talk about all that and more. Practical advice on how to travel with all your equipment, local regulations, tips and trick to get THAT one shot you will be constantly asked about, how to save money and when/where/what of travel photography in Easter Island, Bolivia and Chile.

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Moai statues on Easter island in morning blue hour

Easter Island

There is no more remote and mysterious place than Easter Island. Rapa Nui, as natives call it. The breathtaking volcanic landscape is covered with a veil of mysterious history, nowadays only known to still proudly standing Moai statues.

Salar de Uyuni and Isla Incahuasi


Is one of those countries, where travel photography adventure is waiting for you behind every corner. Despite big tourism spike in recent years, it has managed to keep its simplicity and friendly locals. What more could a traveller possibly want.

Paranal observatory in Chile


On endless beaches, volcanic slopes and deserts in Chile, there can be found something for anyone. But it will be a dream destination for any photographer and/or traveller interested in the pristine night sky and untouched nature. 

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photography travelogue noun

pho·​tog·​ra·​phy trav·​el·​ogue | \ fə-ˈtä-grə-fē ˈtra-və-ˌlȯg  , -ˌläg \

1. a piece of writing about travel and photography
2. a talk or lecture on travel with focus on photography
3. a narrated motion picture about travel photography

Photography is to seeing what poetry is to writing. It's a rich and esthetic way of expressing an artist's vision.

In travel photography, this essence is usually the pulse of new places and people. Travel photography is perhaps the most diverse photography genre since it leans heavily on almost all other genres of photography.