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South Africa Is a Travel Photographer's

dream destination with never-ending opportunities to take a photo.

Republic South Africa is a melting pot of many cultures, languages and traditions. Under the pot cover of relatively orderly present, there a bubbling remains of turbulent past. It is a perfect destination for adventurists and nature lovers. From searching for THE BIG 5 on safaris (Kruger is one of the world's best), diving with great white sharks to exploring unique landscapes and nature that comes with it. On the other hand, it's also a treat for all hedonists out there and there is a lot to be said about South African glamour, vacationing, food and wine.

On photography focused travelogue we talk about all that and more. Practical advice on how to travel with all your equipment, local regulations, tips and trick to get THAT one shot you will be constantly asked about, how to save money and when/where/what of travel photography in Republic South Africa.

is best time to visit South Africa; see the highest waterfall on Earth; climb to Lion's head mountain ...
is Republic South Africa destination that will exceed expectations from adventurists and vacationist alike?
to live; find the best ethnic dinner; rent a car; to find best beaches; watch sunsets; dive with great white sharks ...
to travel enormous distances in South Africa; find THE BIG 5 in Kruger; climb to top of Table Mountain ...
to do when you get pulled over by the police; to see in SOWETO; is a plant kingdom; is a must see in Cape Town ...
 FPractical advice, how to get stunning travel photos when exploring South Africa.
1 car rental

Driving in South Africa is a unique experience. Especially in the cities.

2 days in Kruger

A dream come true for anyone interested in nature.

14 travelers

Travel group offer many advantages in South Africa.

21 days

I packed months of exploring in those21  days.

100+ sights

From well known to virtually undiscovered but must-see places.

4.500 kilometers

Beautiful things don't come easy. Especially hidden gems...

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